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NEW Nitrogen Tire Inflation service

We are offering a brand new way to fill up your tires using Nitrogen instead of air. Now you’re probably asking what the advantages of using nitrogen instead of air are.

Advantages of nitrogen in tires

  • Increased fuel efficiency (reduced CO2 emission)
  • Increased tire life (more stable tire pressure, less oxidation of the tire fewer TPMS alarms)
  • Increased safety (more reliable tire pressure, lower tire temperature, improved grip and handling)
  • Increased rim life (nitrogen is completely dry; no oxidation of the rim)

All of the aforementioned advantages benefit the environment! We will also guarantee that the pressure of the tire will always be the same as when put in. If not then you can stop by and we will top it off for free. This service can be done while you wait or done while the bike is in for an oil change, tires, etc.

Now only $29.95 for both tires on your motorcycle. Stop in anytime, no need for an appointment.